Jazz in the Desert

Jazz in the Desert is a poetry and art book I made with writer Mitchell Nelson. We were living in the Rugby House in Santa Cruz, CA at the time. The project started with some of Mitchell's poems and some of my photographs and 3D renders. We put together pieces that fit together, and then intertwined them by injecting the raw text data of the poems into the raw hex data of the images. In this way, each poem and image pair were fused into one entity, for better or worse. The original poems were displayed on the left of each spread and the final image on the right.

Jazz in the Desert was limited to 8 copies and distributed among friends.

Click here to read the full book online

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First Avenue Shelter: Cattery Photos

From 2013-2014 I volunteered at First Avenue Shelter in Eugene, OR, taking photos of the resident cats. Animals are much more likely to be adopted if their photos are high-quality, clean, and well-lit, and I wanted to help out. At the time I only had a 55-200mm lens so it was hard to shoot inside a small room, but shooting a ton of photos let me find the best ones and make them appealing. Here's a small selection of them.

Mr. Prudence was adopted several days after this was posted
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3D Album Art Visualizer

For this project I combined code from a Processing audio library called Minim and a pixel-moving project called "Explode" by Daniel Shiffman. The code analyzes a given song and separates the audio into 9 frequency bands and analyzes the loudness of each band throughout the song. The code also analyzes the pixels of the song's album art, turns each pixel into a 3D rectangular prism, and changes the height of the prism based on the audio intensity. The color range is divided into 9 bands as well, and each band corresponds to a frequency range -- so reds bounce to the lowest bass frequency, and pinks/purples bounce to the highest treble frequency, with the rest of the color wheel in between.

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Feedback Loop Pedal

This was my first electronics project that involved soldering. It's a guitar pedal that acts as a master effects loop. It has 2 inputs and 2 outputs: the guitar is 1 input, the amp is 1 output, and the remaining input and output go to and from all the other guitar effect pedals one may have. This lets you turn on/off all your pedals with one switch, and also lets you decide how much signal to feedback into the effect loop. Made from a schematic originally from Beavis Audio Research

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Brainwaves in X Minor

This is an attempt to render audio fuzz/distortion tones as visual amalgamations. This was my first project in the Processing language. A random noise texture from an array is chosen and combined with a random gradient and another texture when the mouse is clicked.

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I have a deep interest in the human condition and the ways we decide to spend our time and resources on this planet. I like to take pictures of things that are weird or profound if you really think about them, in a half tongue-in-cheek and a half bleakly existential way. Some other people are into this kind of thing, and a friend said I should make an Instagram for them, so here's this thing. It's an ongoing project and I post cool things when I find them. The project is presented as the Instagram feed of an alien roaming the Earth, taking pictures of what it thinks is interesting or picture-worthy, and sending it to all its friends.


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